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Eileen Caddy and her « Small Voice »

This site, magical and totally unique, sends the Divine Vibrations corresponding
to words and phrases from pages of the book « Opening Doors Within » by Eileen Caddy.

« Opening Doors Within »

La Petite Voix

Over the days, inspiration, peace, tranquility and serenity are with you. This divine eternal journal offers profound messages, practical and compelling in a simple and discreet way. A universal success based on spiritual values​​: love, peace, joy, gratitude, unity.

A day that began in the light, as a "good start", it's wonderful ! Each meditation is a ray of light, a subtle note to the stamp, for more happiness and meaning to your life. To read each day one of those small text makes you lighter, more optimistic and helps you stay focused on the essential.

Eileen Caddy's « Opening Doors Within » is a magic book.

Very slowly and with great love, I still constantly remind you of the things that really matter in life, until they eventually become part of your life, and live and move and have their being in you.

Opening Doors Within with Divines Vibrations

Important and marvelous

For the first time in the world, Divine Providence allows you to receive through this site, the Divine Vibrations corresponding to words and phrases of each meditation.

Unbelievable but true, the Divine Energy of each word or phrase fulfill you in Its Totality. (thanks to John Edward Tang (*) - Serge Marjollet, the initiate)

Try, feel and experience the extraordinary vibrational difference.

Example : january 1 meditation

Who is John Edward Tang, called « JET » ?

A Mage in the authentic tradition of Franz Bardon. For years, he has given an incomparable practical teaching, issued from his experiences.

Today, he is the only one making « live » demonstrations of the immense powers of Magic.

For free, JET makes available to « Opening Doors Within » readers divine energetic faculties by « opening » the words.

It is unique in the world ! Enjoy it !

The beneficial energy released from the words in the chosen page fills you up with all its benefits.

Try, testify and let others know !