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Eileen Caddy and her « Small Voice »

This site, magical and totally unique, sends the Divine Vibrations corresponding
to words and phrases from pages of the book « Opening Doors Within » by Eileen Caddy.

Your Personal Meditation

La Petite Voix

Your Personal Meditation of the day offered by Divine Providence

Face the Est.

Book page that appears is the one chosen for you by Divine Providence, not the one of the day.


NEVER be wholly satisfied with your outlook on life. There is always something new and exciting to learn about, and you can only hope to do it if you keep open and sensitive to all that is taking place. The very new is not always easy to understand. Do not allow it to concern you, but be willing to accept it in faith, and know that your understanding will grow as you do so. You will know by that deep inner knowing whether these new ideas, new ways and new thoughts are of the truth or not. If you get that deep feeling of rightness, allow yourself to absorb these truths even if you do not understand them fully. Gradually the light will dawn, and you will awaken to the meaning of it all. You cannot go on for the rest of your life in the same old way. You must be willing to branch out into something new.



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