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Eileen Caddy and her « Small Voice »

This site, magical and totally unique, sends the Divine Vibrations corresponding
to words and phrases from pages of the book « Opening Doors Within » by Eileen Caddy.

Importance of Divine Vibrations

Everything is vibration, everything is Energy !

GOD possessing a Vibratory State (obviously) eminently superior to humans, your interest is to incorporate in yourself a maximum of Divine Energy and Vibrations.

How? Wait years or enjoy the valuable assistance of an Initiate.

Anyway, a daily purification is necessary to clean your etheric channels.

When two Mages perform at the same time the same procedure, the one with the highest vibratory rate will materialize the desired result much better.

The one who channels the Divinity in the best of ways in front of the public is JET ; it has been repeatedly proven ! (Look up the site)

The vibrating page of your personal meditation, unique in the world, allows you to receive inestimable Divine Energies ; this divine contribution accelerates your evolution, your purification, your vibratory alleviation, the only path that leads to abundance in compliance with Karmic Laws.

For each vibratory moments, put yourself facing the EAST.

This influx of Divine Energy and Vibration helps humanity; it comforts the heart of searchers and of all those who suffer or need help.

In front of the Divine Providence, Unique God, we assert that your religion, your belief or non-belief does not hinder the uptake and effectiveness of such transcendent Divine Energies.

Dear Friends, Divine Providence holds many other wonders ; This is a beginning, certainly impressive, but the future will bring other Divine Revelations.

The Divine Light shining, from now on, fulfills your life with love and abundance.

Your Personal Meditation

And now, to better enjoy the Divine Vibrations, follow these valuable tips :

  • Sit comfortably, preferably towards the East, arms and legs uncrossed.
  • Read the meditation that appears on the screen of your computer.
  • Let yourself be filled with the divine energies for 7 minutes maximum. It is more than enough.
  • Click below to get your personal vibratory meditation.