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Eileen Caddy and her « Small Voice »

This site, magical and totally unique, sends the Divine Vibrations corresponding
to words and phrases from pages of the book « Opening Doors Within » by Eileen Caddy.

Eileen Caddy's books

Opening Doors Within

Opening Doors Within

Over the days, inspiration, peace, tranquility and serenity accompany us. This eternal journal offers us profound messages, practical and compelled in a simple and discreet way. A universalal success based on spiritual values​​: love, peace, joy, gratitude, unity.

A day that began in the light, as a "good start", it's wonderful ! Each meditation is a ray of light, a subtle note to the stamp, for more happiness and meaning to your life. To read each day one of those small text makes you lighter, more optimistic and helps you stay focused on the essential.

Eileen Caddy's « Opening Doors Within » is a magic book that one can share and offer, in total simplicity.

Edition : Le Souffle d’Or
Collection : Findhorn
On line order : Editions Fortuna

Flight into Freedom and Beyond (New edition)

Flight into Freedom and Beyond (New edition)

From Egypt to Ireland, to the great Peace Conference in India in 1984, Eileen Caddy has traveled the world. But it was more her inner travels which made of her ordinary life, an extraordinary life…

Who is she really? An « adventuress » for the time, tenacious, in search of freedom, of « Truth ». she is faced with terrible hardships. She overcomes them through her faith in the « Divine Voice » which guide her from the inside.

Following this voice, Eileen founded with her ​​husband Peter and her friend Dorothy Maclean, the famous Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.

In this new edition revised, corrected and enriched with all her personal reflections, Eileen teaches us the true nature of forgiveness, liberation, what is really an illusion, the let-do, Love, trust and Faith… This true story gives valuable keys needed to live each day better, in agreement with oneself.

Eileen Caddy, divinely ordinary as she describes herself, is actually a powerful woman, a true example to everyone.

Edition : Editions Fortuna
On-line order : Editions Fortuna