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Eileen Caddy and her « Small Voice »

This site, magical and totally unique, sends the Divine Vibrations corresponding
to words and phrases from pages of the book « Opening Doors Within » by Eileen Caddy.

Eileen CADDY

Eileen Caddy

The team of the website honors Eileen Caddy. This great soul passed away December 13, 2006. May Divine Providence watch over her !

One day I went into a room known as a shrine to pray in silence. I was in the midst of my serious monologue when suddenly, I clearly heard a voice speak to me and tell me :
«Be still and know that I am God »

So begins the unique experience of Eileen Caddy in the field of meditation.

Meditating means finding the meaning of silence, the simplicity of the moment, ones inner soul in confidence and joy.

Mindful of these moments of question and availability of the soul, Eileen Caddy was able to open her heart to a certain « grace teaching ».

With clarity and love, she surrenders in her works, the fruit of what was offered to her in the silence.

Internationally acclaimed for the authenticity of her research, Eileen Caddy is a reference for anyone who wants to access a new consciousness.

With her ​​husband Peter and Dorothy Maclean, she is one of three founders of the Findhorn Foundation in North of Scotland.